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Climbinit - 3 European Peaks

CommunityJames Hipkiss

Climbinit Extravaganza This summer we attempt to summit three European peaks: Mount Teide, Tenerife: 7th - 11th May The worlds third largest volcano overdue an eruption will be our first challenge.

Flights are booked and we hope to summit within a few days. We are currently organising the required permits to allow the team reach the peak at 3,718 metres above sea level. Mount Olympus, Greece: June 14th - 18th The home of the Gods stands at 2,917 metres above sea level making this the highest mountain weve climbed yet. Our trip will start at Thessaloniki were well make our way down the coast to the small town of Litochoro, the last stop before we spend three days on the mountain. The Mount Zugspitze, Germany: 25th - 30th July - The highest mountain in Germany combines spectacular scenery with perhaps the most challenging terrain leading to its peak at 2,962 metres Please follow our updates here and on our website.