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Afghanistan's Secret Peaks - 2012 Expedition

EC CommunityJames Hipkiss

Shiptons words are in the heart of this expedition - Start, with a spark of an interest, to look into the matter, and your head will soon begin to reel with the mass of fascinating problems crying out for investigation.

It is a virulent bug, this desire to see what lies round the next corner. The same desire pushed us to visit unexplored valleys and unclimbed peaks of Afghanistans Wakhan Corridor in order to climb, paraglide and capture these adventures in a high definition documentary. We aim to use the documentary to bring awareness about the region among other climbers and lovers of any type of outdoor adventure unspoilt culture, remote valleys and untouched mountains. By doing so we want to contribute to the local economy and provide an extra income for local population that sustains itself mainly from agriculture and foreign aid.Following words of R. L. Stevenson who once said it is not the approach that matters, but the attitude of mind, we believe that the expedition would fulfil our desire for adventure, love for mountains and quest for discovery. We all take a great pleasure in visiting far flung places and testing ourselves in extreme conditions, both physically and mentally. Its what we find rewarding in mountaineering. We all adore the fact that the sport allows us to test our knowledge, skills and intuition all at the same time.The expedition team consisting of a Pole, an Englishman, two Germans, Australian and local Wakhi guides and horesmens will spend several weeks trekking and mountaineering in remote parts of Wakhan Corridor. By sharing the time during the trip, food, accommodation and the burden of the equipment as well as happy moments we all will come to know each other and our cultures a bit better.

A functional mix of experienced members and their communication with each other, understanding and mutual trust will allow us to build a team ready to tackle Afghanistan's Secret Peaks. As Shipton once said, the strongest mountaineering party is one in which each member has implicit confidence in all his companions, recognises their vital importance in the common effort and feels himself to have an equally indispensable part to play. You don't have to go too far out of your way to participate in this mountaineering expedition - no bumpy roads, no dust, no heat, no cold for you. Join us in the upcoming expedition to Afghanistan by checking the expedition website and support us on this amszing adventure that will allow us to contribute to the development of mountain communities in Afghanistan.What is our objective?-to traverse the length of Wakhan Corridor from West to the far East to explore two untouched valleys and to tackle first ascents on nameless virgin peaks.- to paraglide over these previously unexplored valleys for a precise aerial view.-to produce a high definition documentary that can be used to promote the region among other climbers and lovers of any type of outdoor adventure.

Follow us here and on our website - http://wakhanexpedition2012.jimdo.com/