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Light My Fire Sponsorship 2014

OtherJames Hipkiss

Last Year, Light My Fire started the sponsorship competition, Light My Fire Adventurers. From hundreds of applications we finally managed to select seven finalists. At the Adventure Blog http://lightmyfire.com/adventure-blog we have been able to follow these seven people trough their adventures. It has been an amazing year with wonderful stories to follow. Now, we will start our search of the seven finalists for Light My Fire Adventure 2014. Are you one of them? The finalists will have one thing in common: They are all planning to perform an outdoor adventure, some time between 1/3 to 31/12 2014.

The adventures will be different from each other in many ways. Some might take place in a far away mountain whilst others might be canoeing with the family in a nearby lake. The important thing is not where you go or how risk taking your adventure might be. Everything you see as an adventure - is one. The only requirement is that your adventure shall take place in some kind of outdoor environment and take place between 1/3 2014 to 31/12 2014.

During the adventure the finalists will blog about their adventures at our adventure blog http://lightmyfire.com/adventure-blog Being one of the finalists means you will be in the run of becoming the winner of Light My Fire Adventurers 2014. The competition will be settled at the end of 2014 and the winner will be awarded with 3000. This sponsorship money shall be used as a platform to a coming adventure. From the 18/11 2013 to 31/1 2014 you will be able to apply to Light My Fire Adventure 2014. Light My Fire will choose seven finalists. The finalists will be announced the 17th of February 2014 at Light My Fire`s Facebook page. The seven finalists will all receive a fully equipped assortment of Light My Fire products. Don't hesitate. Apply here to become one of the seven finalists and maybe become the winner of Light My Fire Adventures 2014. A jury from Light My Fire will decide who will become the seven finalists. The jury will be presented here shortly. "