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Great oaks from little acorns..

OtherJames Hipkiss

This may be a really stupid question but here's hoping I can get some feedback. When I was in my 20s (almost a couple of decades ago) I was pretty wild with overseas independent travel but would not have called myself an explorer - always had a 'cause' to work for... 3 months then later 2 years in Congo-Brazzaville; 3 months in Zambian bush; 3 months in India; 6 weeks in mid-French Guiana rainforest doing stuff with primates from a hammock and bivouac.

Never trained in expeditions, though, and now although hankering to get back 'out there' after raising a family in comparatively staid surroundings, I am feeling somewhat 'underpowered' now there's so much gadgetry (and qualifications...) about... I would like to add some weight to my proven 'expedition' abilities... What do you recommend - BEL training seems so very tame!! But that might be necessary now? Please advise.

Very grateful.

Cheers! "