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Antarctic Ice Marathon

CommunityJames Hipkiss

This trip starts with me travelling from Paris to Santiago in Chile, and then south to Punta Arenas where I will be meeting up with the marathon party and travelling onto Antarctica.

We arrive at union Glacier Camp on the 19th November and spend 5 days on the Ice in camp conditions. The marathon is on the 20th where I along with the other contestants will have to contend with average temperatures of -20, an altitude of 3000ft and the possibility of strong katabatic winds rushing down the side of the Ellsworth mountains. 2 days later there is a 100k race which I can enter and would potentially see me running for somewhere in the region of 15 hours. I will be weighing things up on this one after the marathon no promises!!!

As you can see an amazing adventure. Dates I have given are subject to change as Antarctica's weather is so unpredictable. Delays are normal which probably makes this trip even more of an adventure as who knows what will happen.