Explorers Connect


Loved it thanks :) Walks were lovely, great setting and food was delicious. Looking forward to the next Explorers Connect weekend
Thank you Belinda Kirk and Amy Bibby and everybody on The Island weekend escape. That was the best weekend I have had in a long time. Kayaking was brilliant, exploring was fun, as it is such a beautiful island, even in the rain. Hanging out with James Starr and James Bibby was a real treat. I really enjoyed their passion for wildlife and nature, especially anything covered in feathers. The rest of the group were a truly wonderful bunch, every one of you. It was a privilege to meet you all and spend time with you.
What a lovely bunch of people.... thank you for taking my EC virginity, a really well organised trip, great to meet you all.... thank you for being so warm and friendly xx
Very clear calm instructing. Learnt a lot in a non-pressurised way. Excellent weekend, good company and teaching. Achieved way more than I expected.
Great course. Instructors were informative and knowledgeable. I have learnt a lot this weekend and refreshed skills I have not used for a long time. Very pleased!
I really enjoyed the Skills for the Hills Course and have got our of it exactly what I wanted. I now have the confidence and skills to go out on my own and with friends into the outdoors.
Top Notch Course. Happy Days. Great location, great people, really happy with what I have learnt.
Bloody wonderful weekend, so enjoyed myself.Learnt so much I didn’t know I didn’t know. I have real confidence now to do my own stuff and enjoy it, instead of not knowing where I am and walking many miles extra!
In the last 4 years I’ve been on three amazing expeditions, all thanks to Explorers Connect. I found team mates and advice through the community - without which I wouldn’t have succeeded - as well as an overwhelming feeling of support from coming to your events. I tell all my friends about Explorers Connect.
Blimey - I knew Bristol was great already (West Country is best country and all that) but found a whole new world when I wandered into my very first EC monthly drinks/talk. Some chap was nattering on about wild swimming (Dan Start - great book, check it out!) and there were all of these massively friendly outdoorsy happy people! Since then I’ve been wild camping a bunch of times, found a love of bouldering, made some really excellent friends, and been inspired to sign up to some bigger adventures and even start planning my own! Everyone should join Explorers Connect, even if it’s just to come to some epic talks. Be careful, you probably won’t stop there - massive gateway drug... and don’t even get me started about Base Camp Festival!!
I’ve just come back from the Arctic and the adventure of my life. The whole team was put together through Explorers Connect. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve it without you. Thank you.
Love what your doing, it’s kicked started me to change my career and move into outdoor education!
Explorers Connect is a fun, inspiring and amazing group of individuals who love adventure, want to see the world and do something different. Since joining Explorers Connect just over a year ago my world has been opened up. Explorers Connect has helped me to do things I would never have imagined doing. The monthly talks, weekend adventures, Base Camp Festival, groups and website have been amazing. EC shows you that adventure is open to everyone and that there are people out there who want to help you experience it.
I don’t think the child in me has ever left. I still want to go out and have adventure. What’s more doing this with like-minded people gives a real buzz and that’s what Explorers Connect is all about. We get to do some unusual events which you may not consider or even be able to do on your own. This year I have cycled round the Isle of Wight, kayaked underneath Bristol and orienteered on an island in the dark! I have met loads of new people and never laughed so much in my life. Each weekend has seemed like a non-stop party. We are still up for some serious challenges and discussions though and these have inspired me to continue my adventures both with EC and on my own.
I joined explorers connect in 2012. I’d returned to the UK from NZ to a new city and looking to make new friends, continue the outdoor lifestyle I’d become so used to and make the most of precious weekends off with adventurous trips away. Brilliantly, I found Explorers Connect, a community of friendly, fun-loving folk led by the ever-inspiring Belinda Kirk who’s passion, energy and zest for life is endless and wonderfully infectious. She’ll be modest and humble and try to take little credit but the great culture of the Explorers organisation and community is down to her warmth, generosity and great drive to inspire and connect those who share a passion for making the most of life.