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Membership Questions

I joined EC CLUB when you were using your previous booking system (prior to 25/01/17): how do I now get my EC CLUB discount on your events/ How do i sign into my account?

We set up an account for all EC CLUB members on the 25/02/17 using the email address which you asked to be contacted when you purchased membership as the sign in address.  The first time you sign in to this account you will have to request a password reset link to be emailed to yourself.  It should be clear how to do this but if you have any problems let us know.

What's the password for the EC CLUB Discounts page?

This password changes regularly.  If you are a current EC CLUB Member you can easily find the current password by signing in to your account here, clicking “New Bookings” and clicking for more info on the event called “CLUB MEMBER PASSWORD”.  You will also find details there of how to download a membership card.

Booking Questions

I'm booked onto one of your trips but when I sign in to my account and go to bookings it's not there, why is this?

We have recently (25/01/2017) transferred to a new booking system in which customers have an account and can sign in to view their bookings/pay their balances.  If you booked onto a trip prior to 25/01/2017 then this was through our old system and it will not show in your account.  We will incrementally be adding bookings made on our old system onto the new system. You do not need to do anything and we will email you if we do this for you.  In either case you will receive an email when it is time to pay your balance.

I've booked on a trip, where can I find the full details?

When you booked you will have been sent a confirmation email.  This will have a link to a page from which you will be able to download full details.  If they are not available yet then please check this page nearer the time - in the meantime email enquiries@explorersconnect.com if you have any questions that are not answered here.

I've paid a deposit, when will the balance be due?

Balance payments are generally due no later than 6 weeks before the first day of the trip.  Less than 6 weeks before the trip, if you have not paid your balance then we reserve the right to cancel your place.  Please see our terms and conditions for full details.

What happens if I become unable to attend a trip?

We'll be very sorry not to have to along!  Please let us know ASAP if you are unable to attend and please see our terms and conditions here.  Our terms and conditions are there because, as we're sure you'll understand, we need to cover our expenses and the administration time that cancellations take otherwise we simply cannot make our trips work.  In addition, with cancellations we run the subsequent risk of not being able to fill the trip.  Please remember, for those attending our trips these events are just a holiday but it's how we make our living.  If you have annual travel insurance (or a policy purchased for this  trip) then it may cover you if you need to cancel your trip.  We recommend always taking out travel insurance when you book a trip.  We hope you can join us on a trip in the future. 

General Questions

The trip says sold out, can I go on a waiting list?

Yes!  We do sometimes get cancellations, if you are definitely interested in a trip which is sold out email enquiries@explorersconnect.com and we will keep you updated of any availability.

Who comes on an Explorers Connect Trip?

If you've never come on an EC Adventure before, they're informal, friendly and great fun. We generally have singles, couples and small sets of friends coming along, from complete beginners to adventure professionals - what we all share is a love for adventure.  Ages tend to range between mid 20 s and mid 40 s but anyone over 18 years old and young at heart is welcome.

Can I/Should I come on a trip/event on my own?

Yes absolutely!  Most people book onto our trips on their own and by the end of the weekend have made friends with a great group of people.  On any given trip you'll find most people come on their own, some people are new to EC and some may have been on a few trips with us already.  Occasionally we have couples or small groups of 2-3 friends who book to come along and that's fine too.

What will the bedrooms be like?

Bedrooms are shared, most often with with bunkbeds (adult sized and comfortable).  99.99% they are single sex rooms though very occasionally facilities don't allow this.  If we are camping then unless stated you will need your own tent, roll mat, sleeping bag etc.  If you don't have these see if you can borrow them from friends or perhaps someone on the trip will have a spare place in their tent - you can arrange this on the event's facebook page.

Is transport included/how does transport for trips work?

Unless stated there is no transport included in our trips.  There are generally enough cars brought on each trip that we are able to car share during the trip.  In addition, people often lift-share to events.  If you need or can offer a place in your car, or want to share a taxi then you can arrange this on the event's facebook page.  

I'm vegetarian or have other dietary requirements, is that a problem?

Not at all but you must let us know in advance, ideally when you book.  We're used to providing vegetarian/vegan/gluten/dairy free meals, but if you have an more unusual request please drop us an email to let us know.