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Post-Expedition Transition Research

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Dr Nathan Smith at the University of Manchester is currently undertaking a research project on mental health during the return from expeditions, and would appreciate as many data points as possible to increase the sample size. Please do complete the survey if you are able…


We are trying to reach people who have come back from expedition-settings within the past year to take part in an online survey (see here).

The survey asks questions about what it was like both during the expedition and upon return home, focusing on the individual but also on their social environment and the support they received from the people around them.

We know that people can sometimes find the return difficult, and this seems to be confounded by a lack of control, a loss of purpose and people not really understanding what the expedition experience was like.

The aim of this work is to try and support other expeditioners, but also other groups of people who have to enter expeditionary settings such as humanitarian aid and disaster relief workers, wildlife anti-poaching patrols, and scientistic fieldworkers.