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Call for Adventurers: Solar Tuk Tuk Expedition

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This opportunity is now closed. SolarTuk are now wading through all the applications they have received. Thank you for your interest.


Welcome the SolarTuk Expedition! We are driving a solar electric tuk tuk around the world.

To date we have successfully crossed Australia, driving over 3,000km at just 50km/hr and had the best time doing it. The project aims to promote sustainable transport with a quirky, fun and attention-getting vehicle and help encourage renewable energy and low-carbon mobility. We also aim to encourage creativity and building a better future. The project has done incredibly well in the media and reached millions. It's really great.

We are now on our mission to travel around Planet Earth by solar electric tuk tuk. The vehicle is currently in Asia on its journey around the globe. This project is an open adventure - there's no one person doing the trip - we are taking it in stages where individuals drive for a couple of weeks and handover. Ideal number of people in the tuk tuk is 2 - 4.

While our team will cover most of the journey - we thought we'd open it up and see if there's others that want to get involved and join (either themselves with the tuk or join a member of our awesome squad).

Flexibility is a must! We can't guarantee location at any time due to shipping delays, transport issues, breakdowns and the like. So get good travel insurance and be open. General timing is Thailand: July 2019 / India: Aug / Iran: Aug - Sep / Turkey: Sep - Oct / Europe Oct - Dec 2019 // USA: Jan - Feb 2020.

This is a non-profit adventure for a good cause.


We will cover vehicle expenses - carnet de passage / shipping / insurance / etc.

You are responsible for your own costs - travel to and from the tuk tuk; your own meals and accommodation; personal travel insurance; and day-to-day expenses. (Note: people love to host the tuk tuk - so there's a good chance you will be staying with the friendliest hosts.)


  • Be cool and a good ambassador for sustainable transport and international collaboration.

  • If driving, you will require a full drivers licence (car) and an International Drivers Permit.

  • Your own travel insurance.


  • Be part of a world-first solar tuk tuk adventure around the world.

  • Drive the tuk tuk (safely and well).

  • Share the adventure: social media / school visits / community and partner visits.

  • Adapt to the various mishaps that come along the way.

  • Videography and Photography skills a bonus.

This opportunity is now closed! SolarTuk are now wading through all the applications they have received. Thank you for your interest.