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Gobi Desert Crossing: Seeking Advice & Contacts

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Hi there,

I am in the early planning stages of an unsupported foot crossing of the Gobi Desert on 2022.

I would like to do the trip over a time frame of around 2/3 months if possible, I'm assuming that winter and summer crossings pose their respective problems with temperature extremes so I was thinking of maybe a spring or autumn crossing to try and even out the extremes a little.

Distance wise I think I would be governed a little by my time frame, however I'm not really sure of the route variations as yet.

The real crux question is the manner of transport, and is the one I'm struggling with the most to be honest. I really love the idea of crossing solo, unsupported on foot using a trekking trolley for supplies and resupplying with water at strategic points en-route, this suits me more from an organisational point of view and a cost point of view as I will be self-funding the trip due to the charity focus of it.

However, the sensible side of my personality says that travelling with a group and a local guide and support structure would be a more suitable option for me as I don't really have a lot of experience myself, the down side to this would be the extra organisation and associated costs.

I would consider maybe a crossing using camels and travelling with just a local guide with knowledge of the area, however this would also be dependent on A) extra costs and B) actually finding an able local guide willing to do the journey with me.

I am basically looking for any suggestions, tips and contacts that might be able to help me in this project.

Contact: Daniel Mackay at becauseitsthere1923@gmail.com

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