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Seeking Expedition Teams for Psychology Thesis

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I'm Louisa, a Psychology Masters student at Aberdeen University. I'm doing a project as part of my thesis looking into human factors on expeditions that requires groups that are going on expeditions during the months APRIL - JUNE THIS YEAR that would be willing to participate. 

The expedition criteria is;  

  • 10+ days 

  • Overseas (outside UK)

  • Travelling between 2 or more locations

  • Self-supported 

  • On-foot or with vehicle support 

  • Sleeping in situ

I will be looking into both pre- and post-expedition thoughts and emotions of the group as well as a diary to document during the trip. This data will go towards my study as well as contribute to the larger database linked to a  bigger project with Dr Nathan Smith. 

This research study is focusing on psychology in challenging and demanding expedition environments. It will monitor daily progress throughout expeditions and follow how expedition team members respond to the various physical and psychological challenges their environment will present. This research aims to help recognise the potential impact of psychological challenges to further develop support in maintaining wellbeing of people working or travelling in environmental extremes.

If you are part of an expeditions that fits within this time frame and criteria or know anyone that I could contact for further information, please get in touch by emailing me at louisa.bostock.14@aberdeen.ac.uk