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Race Around Ireland - SUPPORT CREW NEEDED

Join a TeamSimon Pearce

Nick is a solo rider for Race Around Ireland (racearoundireland.com) at the end of month. Unfortunately he's had a crew member (and a further replacement) drop out. In order to pull together the logistics for this race he is using two vehicles, two drivers and two navigators and is now short one navigator and being a non-stop 5.5 day race, it will be difficult to pull off with this hole in the support crew. 

The race starts in Trim, Ireland on Sunday 26th August (at about 2.30pm - although ideally we had hoped that all crew can be at the race briefing on the Saturday at 17.00pm in Trim). Nick has arranged all the logistics (van hire etc) and the person will just need to arrive in Dublin/get the bus to Trim and we will make sure they can get back to where they need to go on Saturday 1st September. 

There is a budget for food en route, petrol and perhaps some short flight costs. The responsibilities of the navigator will be to give directions to the driver, make up water bottles etc. 

It is a long distance endurance event (the European qualifier for Race Across America) and will require sleeping in a van etc, but it is a remarkable event and a very rewarding/unique experience. 

Please get in touch if you're interested: nlongworth@sportsdataevents.co.uk. Due to the constraints on the support crew (work commitments etc) I need to give them a go/no-go date for Monday. We will also need quite a firm commitment as a drop-out on a later date will mean unnecessary van hire and quite a big financial commitment.