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Teammates required - UK to India ... on tricycles!

Join a TeamSimon Pearce

I’m currently planning a five to six month journey along the loosely-defined silk road, traveling from the UK to India or as far as possible. The difference between this adventure and every other backpacker or cyclist that’s undertaken it before? I’m looking to do it all on used tricycles. Tricycles offer greater stability, more visible width on booming trucking roads, and importantly can carry a large rucksack rather than the limitations of bike panniers. Plus the idea seems to raise more eyebrows than doing it on a bike. Currently my planning is well underway and I have a likely team mate, but I’m open to others with a somewhat eccentric passion for adventure.

By career I am an overseas expedition leader and outdoor/environmental educator. I’ve travelled fairly extensively and spend more time working overseas than in the UK. I am a keen amateur photographer and writer, and may take a shot at writing a book on our return. That said, the adventure is not in the name of garnering profit and does not contain deeper commercial motives. You don’t have to be superhuman, but I keep myself in good nick and plan to cycle for about eight hours a day, five to six days a week. We’ll mostly camp but will find cheap accommodation in the more populated spots.

The proposed dates for the trip are January 2019 onwards, filling that quiet lull in outdoor work for any outdoor instructors out there who’d be keen to join. We’ll hopefully be home by May or June, meaning the impact on your summer ‘peak season’ will be minimal. The route will ideally avoid any major conflict spots, with the biggest risk probably being dog chases. To that end, have strong legs and carry a big stick.

Those interested, or perhaps just those intrigued, please contact me via email or Instagram Direct Messaging:

Rich Holt
Email: rich.holt@live.co.uk
Instagram: @richieholtadventure