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Video Editor Wanted

Join a TeamSimon Pearce

Leo Forster from The Common Oars Team is looking for somebody to create a short film from the footage they took from their row this year. They have plenty of footage taken on go-pros and iPhones. 

"We became only the 6th crew in history to complete the row and made it home after some horrendous weather. We also managed to raise over $50,000 for our chosen charity. Ideally we would love an element of voice over or talking heads  to give some further explanation. We aren’t in a position to pay for the production so are happy to let whoever produces it take full credit for all the work and are happy for them to enter it into any film festivals they want."

"We feel there is a great story to be told here and are desperate for it not to become a load of expedition footage that never gets shown to anyone."

Leo Forster
The Common Oars Team

e: leo@TheCommonOars i:@TheCommonOars
tel: 07843082920