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Looking for teammates to hike the Midi-Pyrénées

Join a TeamSimon Pearce

Late August I’m planning on going to the Pyrénées for three weeks to do some hiking, experience the French/Spanish border cultures, and see some BVs! Originally my plan was to take a 2 month sabbatical from work and hike the whole GR10 trail which takes you from the west coast of France (starting by the Atlantic Ocean) all the way to the Eastern part of France where the route ends on the hills above the Mediterranean. A combination of work commitments, and buying a house this month means I have neither the time nor funds (by far!!) to do the whole GR10. So my plan is to do the main ‘Midi Pyrénées’ section which I’ve heard is the most scenic part of the route, as well as the most challenging. 

I’m planning on going late August for 3 weeks to make the most of the bank holiday, and will combine slumbing it in Bothys and staying in Gite d’Etapes which are like mountain B&Bs - marginally more luxurious! 

I’ve 80% planned the route assuming walking an average of approx 15 miles per day, recognising this will vary depending on accommodation/food options in the nearby areas.

I’m not planning on camping as I’m shortish and my back has had (very minor) issues in the past and carrying a tent won’t make it very enjoyable so I scrapped that idea early on and have spoken to people who have done the whole route before and turns out it is pretty easy to do it without camping if planned well :)  

A few friends are keen to join at some point on the route but I thought I’d see if anyone from the EC community fancied joining the hike for specific stages of it, or potentially all of it if 250 miles walking sounds like an adventure you’d be keen on. 

Because it is the summer I’m going, the snow will have gone even in the highest areas and so it isn’t a mountaineering expedition and no crampons, ice axes will be needed - just banter and good snacks!

My email is dixonrebecca23@gmail.com or find me on Facebook if you’d like to get in touch.