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Hey America - can you give dancer Ben a bed for the night?

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Teacher Ben Hammond from London, England is dancing every step across the USA alone and unsupported in aid of Anti-Slavery International. His first leg begins March 28th following route 66 through California from Santa Monica and is looking for anyone who can host him in the following lcoations:

3/25 Santa Monica
3/28 Beverly Hills
3/39 Silver Lake
3/30 Pasadena
3/31 Duarte
4/1 Claremont
4/2 West End, Fontana
4/3 San Bernadino

4/5 Keenbrook
4/6 High Country, Hesperia
4/7 Victorville
4/8 Helendale
4/9 Barstow
4/11 Newberry Springs
4/13 Ludlow
4/14 Santa Monica

Please share this request or this blog post with anyone you know Stateside - they (or someone they know) might just be able to help! All Ben needs is a floor or couch, a place to store his buggy and kit, somewhere to charge tech and a little bit of kitchen time to make some food for the next day’ dancing. The first leg starts at Santa Monica pier on Wednesday March 28th and follows Route 66 for 200 miles until the ghost town of Ludlow. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

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