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Mongol Rally - July 2018

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Hello all, I am looking to make a team (3 to 4 of us) to do the Mongol Rally in July. I am also looking for the perfect 1 litre rubbish car to it in too!

I have had lot of interest but sadly no one can commit to a definite yes so are you the one that can??!

The plans, routes, what to take, how long it will take, name of the team, how we decorate the car, what playlists we have, the charity to support (although I have an idea on this one!) are all up to planning. I am looking for someone enthusiast, up for the challenge and keen to help with all the planning and logistics. Ideally also know about cars but how hard can it be to learn about the little bucket between now and July.

Oh and a bit about me ... I'm Kate, I'm a lady, I have driven a few long drives before including Sierra Leone to the UK. I qualify as a nurse (fingers crossed) in July. I have no idea about cars, although I have owned and driven some bangers in the past. I have also learnt how to drive a car when the clutch goes although hopefully that is a skill I won’t need on this adventure.  Oh and having been a student for 3 years I would like to do it as cheaply as possible and wild camp while possible.

If you are seriously interested then please email me on ugandakate@yahoo.co.uk