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Doctors needed for boat-based expeditions to the Indian Ocean

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We are a consortium of scientists from across the world studying a large marine protected area in a remote part of the Indian Ocean and we are looking for expedition doctors to join our teams. We have three separate three week expeditions this spring; one from end Feb to 17th March, the second 22nd March to 17th April and the third 2nd May to 22nd May. All will be boat based and involve scientific research mainly conducted by scuba divers.

We are looking for doctors with experience of diving medicine and good sea legs to support teams of between 10 and 16 scientists during the trips and if you are interested in going on more than one of them we would be very happy to accommodate you. We will cover all expenses including flights, accommodation, food and insurance. You will need to have (or be able to get) professional medical insurance and also have a valid passport with at least six months left on it before expiry.

Please contact rachel.jones@zsl.org for more information on any of the expeditions.