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A Peace Pilgrim's Journey Across The UK

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Hello! My name is Tanausú and I'm a Peace Pilgrim!

In recent years there has been a series of events (Refugee crisis, Brexit, War and terrorism) that have made a lot of people scared and fearful. I could not sit still and have been driven by a desire to promote peace, the good in people and dedicate my life to service, to give my life to something beyond myself so I started on this peace pilgrimage, a pilgrimage for an idea, not a place. 

I have already completed 1106 miles (1780km) on foot around the British Isles and my goal is to walk into continental Europe to promote peace, beyond borders, a peace that transcends all national, religious or sectarian boundaries to communicate Love, Understanding and Unity.

I'm travelling alone with all my possessions with me, a small tent, sleeping bag and some clothing, I have left my London life behind after 19 years, going into a personal pilgrimage for peace, walking until found or given shelter from town to town and accepting food and or donations

I started in London on May 24th after the Manchester arena bombing, walking to South Wales then onto Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, then back down to London where I am at the moment resting then onto continental Europe

If you can offer me a bed for the night please contact me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/tanausu.herrera

I have recently stayed with Frank Coles a longtime member of the Explorers Connect community, he told me about this wonderful community 

Any of you or someone you know that could host me for a night at or near these places? 

I have been relying on shelter, food and donations, done via paypal but as the winter months approach I need different gear to withstand the cold and wet on the road and I need to get it before I set off, your contribution will be much appreciated! 

Here's a list of the things I need:
-Autumn/winter ultralight sleeping bag (large sleep)
-Running trainers
-Ankle high light trekking boots
-2 'quick dry' t-shirts
-1 x winter ready quick dry trousers
-2x pair of waterproof socks
-2x waterproofing spray ( for tent, shoes and backpack)
-Re print front and back peace pilgrim signs with reflective letters
-1x pair of gloves (touch screen able)
-1x Scarf
-7x aluminium alloy hooks for tent footprint
-Ferry ticket Dover-Dunkirk
Also money will be used to buy food or future repairs/replacements


Any help is much appreciated! 
Looking forward to meet some of you on the road!
Love and peace to you all!