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Thank you to everyone who replied, due to some personal circumstances I went off the radar for quite a while! So I am really sorry for not replying.However I'm still thinking about this idea as well as many others for the coming year or two! I'm based in Suffolk but I go down to London often so if anyone would like to meet up and discuss some plans get in touch again :)~I'm Helen, I'm 32 and I want to cycle tour through Cuba. I thought about joining a group tour but really - very expensive! and dubious as to the group dynamic/age these tours appeal to.I'm looking for adventurous, laid back, fun loving, but fairly organised companion(s) to accompany me. I was thinking to follow a similar route to those taken by Cycle active/exodus tours.

I'm used to travelling solo but Cuba seems a place where I'd really like someone to share the fun with and also Id feel safer in numbers here.December this year is what I'm thinking.Get in contact if you're interested in this idea!