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Pacific Ocean Row 2014

EC CommunityJames Hipkiss

In June 2014, four of our 'Oceans Project Georgia (OPG)' NGO team will be taking part in the New Ocean Wave race from Monteray to Honolulu. From Hawaii (post race) we will continue on to Australia, collecting maritime archaeological data from unidentified underwater sites, and will be meeting with children en route as part of our OPG outreach work and connecting them with our guys in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.

Our boat will be on display in the UK prior to the ocean row for young people to visit and we will be promoting the Duke of Edinburgh/International Award for Young People as well as our OPG work. Our team consists of Sarah (UK), Michelle (UK), Brigid (South Africa), and Ulrica (Sweden). You can follow our journeys on our website, and we would love to hear from anyone about preparing for our row, or seeking advice on ocean rowing. OPG is an environmental education project, based on the BBC Oceans television series, for young people aged 8-25 and we teach them BSAC Snorkelling, and the best students get to go on an Earthwatch expedition.

To find out more about how we started off as a school club led by a group of 12 years old, read our Ministry of Education and Science blog here:http://teachandlearnwithgeorgia.wordpress.com/2012/06/24/life-after-tlg/ You may also be interested in our other links: Oceans Project Georgia:www.oceansproject.com Education through Expeditions:www.etelive.org/content/contentete.numo?id=171 National Geographic: www.natgeoadventure.tv/uk/User.aspx?userId=22136 OPG on Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Oceans-Project-Georgia/233653316691866?bookmark_t=page Earthwatch: www.earthwatch.org/europe/newsroom/volunteering/oceans-project-georgia.html Twitter: www.twitter.com/#!/OceansProject