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Along the Ring of Fire

EC CommunityJames Hipkiss

In early November 2014 I'm setting off to trek the Te Araroa trail - a path that runs for 3,000kms down the length of New Zealand.

By doing so, I'm hoping to raise both awareness and a combined NZ$30,000 for two charities. Money raised will change the lives of 30 children and young people; allowing ten Kenyan children to go to school on an all-expenses-paid full years scholarship through People, and 20 Tanzanian young people to take part in a life-changing expedition with Raleigh International. Walking North to South and depending on fitness and weather the journey should take approximately 4-5 months.

The trail will take me over mountains, ridges, through valleys, plains, and forests, along coastlines, across a volcano or two, and, at least in parts, along the Pacific Ring of Fire. All money raised through my blog will go direct to the charities. A further NZ$10,000 needed to fund the trip will hopefully come from corporate backers. Fingers crossed... 

For more information, contact me at - rob_candy@hotmail.co.uk