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The cycle of a lifetime - Teammates wanted

James Hipkiss

I am planning a trip to cycle around Iceland over the course of three weeks or so during mid July-early August and I am looking for whether anyone would be interested to join! The plan is to stay predominantly on Route 1 which is 1300km in length and potentially bike on some other smaller roads in the East. We would be wild camping most of the time and I have pretty much all of the camping gear needed so you would only need personal gear. In terms of biking gear- I am looking into flying my bike over (from the UK) however it is also possible to rent touring bikes in Reykjavik which would include everything apart from touring panniers.

I am a 21 year old recent graduate who studied in Canada and this would be my first long-distance bike trip, so anyone keen and willing regardless of experience is welcome to join- although camping and some basic bike maintenance knowledge is useful! I’m also very relaxed about distance covered per day etc. (I’d rather take more time than rush) so I’m keen to have some rest days in order to explore Iceland’s sweet spots.

Please feel free to message me if you are remotely interested/have any questions/ have any advice!

You can reach me on my email at harriet.olivia@btinternet.com