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Teammates Wanted to Canoe Across America

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March to October 2018

To paddle to the full 8000 kilometers - 5000 miles from the Pacific ocean to the Atlantic ocean in America.

In March 2018 my team intends to paddle in two open canoes across America and we are looking for a possible male or female that would like to undertake a journey of this nature with me and my team. Other than the full adventure I will be making a 60 minutes video of the journey. It is a long adventure, expected to take 220 days, so only those that would like this wild, by the river lifestyle please apply. 

Please feel free to contact me on martinh2eau@gmail.com


A paddler or canoeist who speaks French or English would be ideal. Someone who has a deep passion for the outdoors, photography and a knowledge of film making would be essential. Someone who understands endurance and what their body is capable of and someone who feels that this is the right time to take on such a challenge.

I’m an adventurer from Canada who took part in the historical Canada expedition of the year 2015 «Les chemins de l’or bleu – The blue gold paths ». I crossed Canada by canoe. This expedition started on April 25th 2015 in the icy waters of Lake of Two Mountains in Montreal and ended 7000 kilometers – 4400 miles away from its beginning journey on October 16th 2015 (175 days) along the coast of the Mackenzie River in Inuvik in the Polar circle.

From May 19th to July 26th 2016 (70 days) I was part of Ian Finch expedition Pull of the North and we paddled a 3200 kilometers - 2000 mile canoe journey from the source of the Yukon River at Lake Bennett, Canada to its mouth at Emmonak at the Bering Sea, Alaska.

This is a non-commercial expedition, costs will be shared equally between team members