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Life is short! These 101 adventurers will inspire you to live it

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If you've ever wondered how to be an adventurer or how to have an adventure by yourself, then you're the reason this guide was put together. It features 101 of the most inspiring British adventurers (including our very own founder, Belinda Kirk!)

Perhaps you've waded through Google's search results looking for adventurous and exciting things to do, or maybe you've only got as far as idly thinking "I need adventure in my life."

Either way, it's you this guide is trying to provoke a reaction from. You're bored with life and you need a change? Well, quotes about living life are one thing, but it's experiencing it that really counts. Not just letting it pass you by. Live the adventure. Try new things. See more, do more, and feel more. Be adventurous. That's where it's at. You don't have to travel far, or take lots of time off work. You don't even need bundles of money. You just have to get started.