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Financial Help for Mountain Training Opportunities

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Mountain Training is the awarding body for skills courses and qualifications in walking, climbing and mountaineering and wants to encourage people who are currently under-represented in its cohort of leaders, instructors and coaches, to progress through its schemes. This includes people from a BAME background, those over 65 and registered disabled people. To help they have established a bursary fund, in partnership with Sport England, to give financial support to people from these groups for whom funding is a barrier to participation. 

To qualify for funding applicants must demonstrate that they have a low income or be in receipt of state benefits, and be registered as living in England. Anyone applying for support needs to have a clear and communicable need to receive it. 

This funding support is available for entry-level leadership and instructing awards, as well as our skills courses. This includes the Lowland Leader, the Hill and Moorland Leader and the Mountain Leader Awards, the Climbing Wall and Climbing Wall Leading Award, the Single Pitch Award and the Hill & Mountain Skills. 

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