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Teammate Wanted to Circumnavigate Palawan

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I am planning a sea kayaking expedition starting Christmas (Dec/Jan) 2016 to the Philippines. I am looking for 1-2 sea kayakers to join me on my three months adventure. The goal is to kayak around the pristine waters of Palawan, approx. 2000km. The plan is to set off from Puerto Princesa in November and slowly make our way around Palawan's thousands of islands (some uninhabited), wild camping on the beach at night. I'm an experienced spearfisherman and will look to catch meals including lobster and fish as much as possible and where feasible.

If the trip is successful, I will look to continue further into the Philippines if that is of interest. 

About me:
I am a 30 years old male residing in London. I've grown up and worked all over the world and speak French and Spanish. I'm most comfortable in or around water!

If interested please get in touch kayakingros@gmail.com. Just tell me a bit about yourself and motivation for the trip + current life circumstances. Then we'll meet up / skype and take it from there...

- All experiences welcome including those new-ish to sea kayaking and expeditions.
- A great sense of humour and up for a unique adventure
- A knowledge of film making would be great but not essential
- A positive outlook on life and deep love/respect for the ocean
- Happy wild camping for most of the time
- Ability to cover personal costs to partake in and complete the expedition



Please note, this is not being planned as a commercial trip.