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Teammate Wanted for Three Week Adventure in Bolivia

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I am a European-born, US-based male traveler in my 40s that is planning to explore Madidi National Park in Bolivia. Madidi is a biodiversity hotspots of Latin America, and one of the largest national parks in the world. I am planing to visit the Alto Madidi area which sees very few people due to the difficult logistics and streneous approach.

The journey starts in the town of Rurrenabaque that can easily be reached by air. From there it is 2 long days by boat, followed by 3 days of hiking through the forest to reach the source of the Madidi river. We will hike along the river until it becomes navigable. At that point we'll build a raft to float down the river and do a side trip up the Flora river which reportedly has not seen anybody going there for many years. The last 2 days will see us hiking back to a road to catch a 4WD vehicle back to Rurrenabaque. Aside from the adventure this is very much a wildlife viewing trip with reasonably good chances to see some cats, giant river otters and other difficult-to-spot animals. The trip will run from July 4 to 22, with the days inbetween being spent in the rainforest. It could be shortened by 3 days if preferred. The trip is supported with an English-speaking wildlife guide, a cook and a porter for camp equipment. Cost will be shared and will be around $150/day, all included.

I am looking for 1-2 people that love adventure, adore nature and are not afraid of bugs, mud and streneous hikes with a backpack. I am photographer, but do not expect that you are. However, you'd need to be interested in wildlife, be fit, know how to travel with limited comfort, and be easy going as this is Bolivia and things will turn out different from what is expected. I am happy to provide more details at a.laviziano[at]gmail.com.

It is a non-commercial trip that I have organized myself. It could read like shown below.