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Teammate Wanted for Row Around the UK

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If you have a taste for adventure but want something bit closer to home, then this could be for you. Due to injury a place has become available in our four person crew that is going to row around Britain. 

The plan is to leave Southampton on July 1st 2017 and row clockwise around the UK. We will be self-sufficient for the trip and not coming into port. We are looking to break the current record and row around the UK in under 27 days. It will mean rowing in 2 hour shifts and will test you mentally and physically. Being able to see land may actually be harder than actually being in the middle of the ocean. Due to the tides and conditions this is one of the hardest rows you can undertake and has been completed by less than 100 people.

We are self-funded, so you will need to contribute in the region of £9k toward the cost of the challenge but this will buy you a 1/4 share in the boat. Alternatively if you can bring a sponsor to help cover the cost and is willing to work with the Cancer Immunology Centre in Southampton that we are raising awareness for then we may be able to sort something.

Navigational experience is not essential but would be of help, as is a good current base level of fitness.  If you have not rowed do not let this put you off as there is time to learn. There will be a couple of courses that we will need you to attend such as sea survival. The current crew contains a Pacific and an Atlantic rower so there is a good deal of experience in the crew.  You will need to attend severaltraining weekends which will be in Southampton as this is where the boat is stored.

So if you fancy not being able to stand up for 27 days,  (makes boat unsteady) , live in cramped conditions and have a diet of freeze dried food and very little sleep and but to see UK coast line for a truly unique perspective then this is the trip for you. 

You can contact me Jez Webb via our Facebook page were there are more details justsearch for@islandVoyagers or phone me on 07746 539408