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Teammate Wanted for Lapland Expedition

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I am looking for one reliable team mate to ski through parts of East Greenland in a circletrip for about two weeks skiing time, about three weeks in total. Starting time would be in winter, but with partial sunlight. That means central european autum or spring, for example in october 2017? (I am pretty flexible about the time frame, but since there is a lot of material testing to be done spring 2017 would probably be too early.)

The trip would be with self pulled sledges, called pulkas and on ski.

We would have a husky with us to warn against polar bears. And at least one gun in the caliber of .308 or bigger to be protected in a case of an attack. A PLB and an Iridium will also be necessary.

Starting and returning the trip from/to either Ittoqqortoormiit or Tasiilaq. Both have the advantige, that you do not need a expansive expedition permit if you stay in an area of 100 km around one of the villages and in both cases we do not need to charter an airplane.

The landscape is more suitable and flat in Ittoqqortoormiit, but the logistic is easier to arrange from Tasiilaq.

My own experience:

I joined a two man expedition, funded by the Cambridge University, to collect data of the arctic wolf, to the peninsula of "hold with hope" in the North East Greenland National Park in summer 2014.

I did a solo, two week winter trip in 2015 with ski and pulka in north Lapland.

In addition to that, I have some experience with non artic expeditions.

I am a 42 year old male, non native english speaker (sorry for my english) currently living in Berlin, Germany.

Your experience/requirements : Preferable you have already some experience with expeditions or extensive outdoor trips. Most important: you are reliable and really determined to go.  An additional trip in advance to get to know each other, test material and improve our skills might be advisable for us. The journey will be everything else than cheap and easy.

Your age and gender does not matter.

Future prospect: If everything works well, than we could do more ambitious trips like: crossing greenland, reaching the north pole.

If you are not interested in Greenland, but looking for somebody to join your own arctic trip now or in future, please feel free to mail me your idea: Malteschostak@web.de 

This is a non commercial trip.