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Crossing Congo

OtherJames Hipkiss

I'm about to have a crack at walking and pack-rafting across northern Congo (Brazzaville). Ill be heading down some very small tributaries of the Congo River to accomplish this, for security purposes I don't want to mention which ones. As far as I know there is'nt much down there other than bush. Apparently there are pygmy tribes-people in the area and a few un-named villages dotted along the map. The maps were made in 1962 so it could have changed quite a lot, but judging by the Google Earth it looks pretty much the same. Iv'e put this post up in case anyone has been to this area of Congo. It is very difficult to find info on the area, even the provincial capital has no online photos bar one grainy image. Please write in the comments if you know the region. Would appreciate it massively.

Many Thanks,

Patrick Hutton