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George Kefford and Jaxson Samuels are aspiring junior adventurers.They are both 14 years of age and reside in Brisbane, Australia.On the 25th of March, George and Jaxson will be climbing South Queenslands, highest mountain, Mt Superbus.

After they have summited, they will trek 160km+through dense Jungle to the Gold Coast.George and Jaxson will also be undertaking a seperate expedition on the 17th of December this year, where they will be trekking across Stradbroke Island, becoming the first everpeopleto complete this.The Peak2Pacific expedition will also be a first. No one has ever walked from Mt Superbus to the pacific coast. The main dangers on this trek will be the heat, wildlife and harsh terrain.This expedition will be raising money for a further expedition he will go on to Northern India with www.worldchallenge.com.au. where he will be trekking in the Himalayas and assisting local communities. The expedition is expected to take 5 days.

For more information contact - georgekefford1@gmail.com