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Hi All,

My name is Sii Brittan, I just thought Id post up here what I am currently doing and it might interest some of you. I just discovered a couple of weeks ago by chance, but I think this is a brilliant idea for a website. Now, what I'm doing....I walking. Everywhere! I spent 3 1/2 years in Australia (I had breaks in between where it nearly beat me) building a fiberglass capsule I call The SiiPod that attaches to a skiipolk harness i wear via two fiberglass poles and I'm towing this behind me. The SiiPod houses all my equipment, food, clothes, water, didgeridoos and a guitar (got to have the essentials). I then shipped the SiiPod to England. I left England heading east into Europe in April this year and I'm currently in Belgium ( its been a very slow few month ironing out problems and I hitchhiked up to Sweden for a wedding also, so was there for a month) heading north into Germany to Hanover, from there Ill south east into Czech Rep. and then into Slovakia; ETA October 2015. I'm setting up camp each night sleeping in my tent and setting off the next day, sometimes I'm offered a bed from people I meet, my favourite thing at the moment is a nice good warm shower. hahaha. I plan to spend the winter in Slovakia and Ill be strengthening my wheels and Axel's then in spring set off again heading south down to Turkey, then across the Caspian Sea and into Kazakhstan. From here my goal is to walk to the Himalayas to cross the Highest mountain pass in the world which is actually Bodpo La but being in Tibet I'm aware that the logistics of this will be very difficult besides the physical challenge of 5667m but more so the political challenge of getting permission to cross (if I cant get permission to access this mountain pass there are others around that are easier to get access to).

If I succeed this will be the most demanding, both mentally and physically challenge of my life to date.It will take me minimum of 1 year to get to the Himalayas, so this is by no means a fast journey and there will be many hurdles in the way to cross but that's part of the journey.If anyone has any Advise, tips or comments on what I'm trying to achieve please do post, If your near where Ill be at any point along the way and would like to chat please contact me. Also if you would like to join me for a leg of the journey (a weekend, a week or more) please contact me.I have no set end date to this journey, as i cant really say how long it will take, once I achieve what I have written here, I have an option to continue on the journey or to stop. Decide that when the time comes closer.Any help or support will be much appreciated and welcome.

You can contact me through here or Facebook, I have a blog page: SiiPod Epic AdventureHappy travels people.