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Desert Minimalist Foot Xsing from Nov 2015

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it:From NOVEMBER 2015 till Summer 2016 : Im planning to do some DESERT CROSSINGS.My plan, at the moment (as I have no experience of desert at all):1) doing some desert experience in EGYPT in October 2015.2) then going to OMAN in NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2015 to cross Wahiba sands, then make some incursions into the Empty Quarter Rub al Khali (yes, I'm quite a fan of Thesiger).3) Then NAMIBIA / BOTSWANA, where I am planning to stay from February 2016 to June 2016 (crossing parts of the Namibia and Kalahari deserts).I'm French. 34 years old. Entrepreneur and currently writing of a long series of books.I have trekked quite a bit, climbed several peaks from Kilimanjaro to Aconcagua, crossed part of Greenland, spent several months crossing central Asia as well as south america.