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Stunning Camping at Trolltunga

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

Hi all,

This is a trip I am desperate to do, the views are stunning, and the trek shows great scenery all around.it isn't a totally wild trek, but I have taken four days (11th September to 14th +-1/2days) to travel from UK and back again. the plan is to take a plane over to Bergen, then hire a car and travel to Odda. next day begin this trek (10 hour hike) and then make a plan from there until the return flight around 4pm on Monday.Most of this is open to discussion, weather we camp/hostel it and how to spend the rest of the time, but my intention is to see the stunning views of the fjords.

Please ask me anything, or if you feel more time is required (I just don't have much holiday left). Thanks from 11th Sep to 14th Sep 2015.