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Nyiragongo Volcano and Gorilla Trekking - teammates needed

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

Nyiragongo Volcano Amongst the most active Volcanoes Biggest and most active Lava lake One of the most beautiful Volcanoes. It is located in the Democrated Republic of Congo and the trek has been opened again for visitors.

I have done a fair bit of research on the parks website and found some tour operators in the region who will be happy to accommodate us and make travel arrangements.Also the park is famous for its high mountain and low mountain Gorilla families. We can track them and observe them too on the way there.

The whole trip should take like a maximum a week.I am Bhrat (27 male) from Australia. I will be travelling to Africa for few months from (Jan - June 2016). I love hiking and have done that in several remote regions of the world. I am easy going and full of adventure and fun. I would be looking to doing this sometime after March next year.I am looking for someone easy going and with a sense of adventure. having more people will help us reduce costs and make the trip more memorable.

Please let me know and we can start sorting the details out and arrange things in place.Park Website:http://visitvirunga.org/