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North Pole Expedition 2017

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

Hey guys, I'm a medic currently working for BC Ambulance and soon to be completing my Advanced Care Paramedic training.

I have a passion for expeditionary travel and have dreamed to set off to the North Pole on an expedition in 2017 with a group of 2-3 other individuals. If anyone has undertaken such a task before or who equally has a passion for the north pole, I would love to find a dedicated group to plan and work together to making this a reality.Past Experience: I have completed a 10,000 mile solo motorcycle trip from Minnesota to Vancouver to Panama and back. Spent a year in Iraq on a combat tour with the US Army Hitchhiked over 6,000 miles through eastern Europe and the middle east with only 500 euro to spend for 4 months.

What I'm looking for: Passionate travellers who have equally dreamed of reaching the North Pole one day Professional attitude and ability to overcome prolonged isolation and extreme weather conditions Experience in cold-weather environments Filming and documentary equipment and experience Ability to take 3-5 months off of work from 1st Apr to 1st Jul 2017.