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Teammates Wanted for Trip Kayaking in Uganda

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Hey people,

being avid kayakers, my friend and I decided to make a cool video of our next whitewater kayaking trip in Uganda around April or May 2016. The plan is to make one such videos per year until we are too old to paddle, every time in a different, exotic location. The problem? It is quite expensive. So we decided to invite fun people who want to join, share the costs of the filming + editing and end up with a video that you can brag about till the end of time.

Some key points:

- You don't need to be an experienced kayaker. If you need you can receive training before the video making starts.

- This is a non-commercial venture, hence each member must arrange his/her own logistics (flights, insurance, accommodation when not kayaking, overland transport, etc).

- We however will organize the film-related AND kayak-related logistics. All the costs will be shared in equal parts by each team member.

- The final video renderings should be a 2-3 minute action trailer plus a 15-20 minutes actual film. If you would bring your own sports camera, you footage might be included in the final version.

- The kayaking trip on which the film will be shot, should last between around 3 days if you dont need previous training. If you need it, add 3 more days.

- Regarding how to share the costs: Once the group is complete, we will try to obtain group-based rates from the kayak outfitters. This cost can be paid directly to the company that coordinates the logistics. The cost of the film making/edition needs to be paid before the arrival of the camera operator to Uganda (to reduce costs, there will be only one).

- I estimate that if we get 6 people in total, the cost should be in the neighborhood of 400 to 500 GBP per person for the filming and editing. Cost of kayaking is additional and should be around 300 to 500 pounds depending on whether you need training or not.

- There is no funny business here, just people with an idea willing to bring in other fun people so that we can make it happen.

Those interested please write to ahernandez50 (a t ) hotmail . com, Adrian


- A serious will to have fun and a desire to add a super cool video to your personal "adventure portfolio".

- A will to learn whitewater kayaking (in case you havent learned yet) or to develop your existing skills in a cool location like Uganda.

- Share the costs of the filming and kayaking in equal parts among the rest of the team.