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After several delays false startsthisadventure is finally getting underway! A female led, 4x4, overland expedition from Cape Town to Calcutta (modern day Kolkata) exploring and documenting the economic development of women across the myriad of nations between the two cities.Not only is this an edible journey, it is a unique opportunity for women to engage in open, cross-cultural dialogue regarding the changing societal views towards a woman's position in the work place and the steps that are being taken to affect that change.This is self-funded expedition setting off from Cape Town in early August.

Using an 80 series Toyota Land Cruiser which has been lovingly prepared specifically for the expedition, the plan is to travel up through sub-Saharan Africa to Mombasa before shipping the vehicle over to Mumbai in order to cross India.Message me if you're interested in supporting or collaborating on  the project;here are some ways to get involved: Come along as an additional driver/companion/camera person! Provide connections to any contacts you have on route who would be interested in collaborating, supporting or just joining me for chat and a cup of tea along the way. Tell all your friends, family, colleagues, and lovers to follow the CapeTown2Calcutta - adventure sharing is caring after all.