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Cycling Ireland for charity

CommunityJames Hipkiss

Hi all,

I am cycling across Ireland for mountain 2 mountain a womens charity on the 15th of May, we are currently a team of 7 university students but may have one or two drop outs in the coming days. We will be leaving Dublin City centre ( mayor square) at 8am on the 15 th and cycling to our night stop in a scout den in athlone. We will be camping then cycling to Galway City centre early the next day. It is a total of 300km approx which is not a hip urge distance but is a fun micro adventure.

We want to raise money so everyone who signs up mush raise minimum 100 for the cycle.All participants must have access to their own bike and safety gear( specific gear requirements will be emailed)All participants must have 15th-17th of May freeAll participants must have 50 in cash on their person incase of emergencyAll participants must have a sleeping bag/appropriate clothes/backpackAll participants must be fit for the cycleAll participants must be okay with possibly jumping into the Atlantic the day we arrive in Galway.All baggage and extra items that will not be needed on the cycle will be brought by train from Dublin to Galway and be there for our arrival. (We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.email me at philipn96@gmail.com or text me 0851990505 please if you are not in the Republic of Ireland email me do not call as it will be mighty expensive.