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Cycling across Bolivia and possibly Cusco to Lake Titicaca

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss


I am going to cycle across Bolivia in the summer (July, August 2015). I have been preparing this trip for quite a while, however, my original expedition partner is now unable to go meaning that I am in desperate need of find someone who wants to join me on this great adventure!

Since my friend has already booked her flight tickets, I would have those tickets spare(11.7-25.8). I am 18, female, a Biology student and love every activity that allows me to get outdoors. My original route was from La Paz to Tupiza via the Sajama Nationalpark and the Salar de Uyuni which would take about 3 weeks. However, I am very open to changing this route and making compromises. For example, Cusco to Lake Titicaca is supposed to be very nice to cycle and should take no longer than 6 days. Since I would like to make afilm about the expedition I was thinking that a nice alternative routewould be from Cusco to La Paz and from there on to Sajama, Sabaya and then to the Atacama Gigant in Chile. A less remote route would befrom La Paz to El Fuerte, Bolivia. These are all Inca or pre-Inca sites and thus I thought of the proposed route(s) as ideal for combining an epic cycling adventure with engaging with some of the most awe-inspiring cultures!I was planning on buying second-hand bicycles in La Paz or Lima (depending on the final route) and I am already in contact with bike shops in both cities.

A bicycle shop in Lima said they could sell me two for around 250 euros each. Depending on the final route good camping gear will be essential. The Altiplano region is very remote and bitterly cold so a decent sleeping bag and warm clothing is a must. However, I am very happy to cycle in other areas where the climate and the terrain are less extreme- Just let me know how much experience you have and what you would want to do!