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Crew Wanted: Sail from Virginia, USA to Nova Scotia Canada, April - May 2015

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

Looking for up to two persons to sail with me from Hampton, Virginia to Nova Scotia, Canada. The plan is to make the trip by coastal sailing and anchoring each night.

Some overnight segments may be needed between Virginia and New York and across the Bay of Fundy. As of April 11, 2015, the boat and I are in Hampton Virginia. You can join there or any place along the route for all or part of the trip.Sailing experience not required but previous outdoor experience is preferred. You must be able to get along; I can teach you how to sail but I cannot teach you how to get along!Attitude the difference between an adventure and an ordeal. Rover is a camp on the sea, not a luxury yacht. (https://krazysailing.wordpress.com/saturos-2/)I bought my new-to-me fixer-upper sailboat in Florida n 2012. In 2014 I had hoped to sail to Europe and down the Danube to Turkey and back via the Med, but the refit took longer and that trip was cancelled. Left Florida in August 2014, stayed in Belhaven, N.C. for the winter and started sailing North in February but was slowed by bad weather and engine problems. Here's a blog of my sails to Labrador and around Newfoundland and the trip so far. https://krazysailing.wordpress.com/evensongs-voyages/Safety first, comfort second, luxury third. But always fun; if its not fun, why are we doing it All decisions (where we go, how fast we go, where we visit, sail/motor, anchor/marina, steak/Kraft Dinner, etc. will be group decisions but the captain (me), who has the legal responsibility for your safety, has the final say. My approach would to take the safest of the choices. I.E. Do we leave all the sails up and make speed or take some down because of that black cloud?Cost sharing of food, fuel and marinas will be shared. I supply the boat and pay the maintenance. For example in 2011 it was about $11 Cdn in Labrador per day, but depends upon how expensive our tastes! I plan to anchor out as much a possible because marinas can run from $0.00 in some places in Canada to $120+ Cdn/day.