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Volunteer/Reconnaissance Expedition of Hidden Peaks in Himalayas(October - November 2015)

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The Vertical Nepal team; Dupre, Andres Martos and Schletty will travel to Nepalwith several potential unclimbed 7,000+ meter high peaks to investigate, in multiple districts. During the projected two month long they will perform a reconnaissance of these hidden slopes by foot to choose a peak, determine future climbing strategies and supply needs.

During this time the team will implement their education, science and humanitarian programs.Guides Lonnie Dupre was born in 1961 and raised on a Minnesota country farm. He is descended on his mothers side from Jacques Cartier, the French explorer and founder of Quebec. A natural explorer from a very young age, he has 25 years of expeditions under his belt, most recently the first successful solo summit of Denali in January. Lonnie currently lives in Grand Marais, Minnesota enjoying woodworking and backcountry skiing in the Quetico/Boundary Waters Wilderness of the Minnesota/Canadian border area.Elas de Andrs Martos Elas de Andrs Martos grew up in the foothills of the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains of Spain. Astonished by the offerings of the mountains, Elas rejected a well-established family business of three generations, the expectation to satisfy traditional obligations, and the comforts of a predictable life for the sole purpose of finding himself (and whatever is up there) in the mountains. As a young athlete he understood the concept of disciplined training as a means for overcoming difficulties and pursuing objectives. Today he is a professional guide from the ice of the Rocky Mountains to the peaks of the Andes and Alaska.Bridget Schletty was born and raised in St.Paul, Minnesota. While studying abroad in Spain in 2002, she was introduced to the challenge of negotiating mounds of rock and ice, it was then that she began to seek opportunities to venture into the mountains. Bridget has worked many years as a language teacher, coach, and trip leader, exploring with her students both the local wilderness and Hispanic cultures abroad.

Currently she spends winters in Ouray, CO working as a Spanish translator, and summers in Ashford, WA as a staff member for RMI Expeditions. Whether biking, climbing, skiing, or dashing through the woods, Bridget is always up for outdoor adventure and athletic challenge.Dates: October through November 2015Price: $4,995 (Includes all transportation, volunteering, guides,lodging, and meals once arrived inKatmandu. Does not include transportation to and from Nepal.)Trek Volunteer PlanDay 1 - 2: Katmandu3: Fly to Lukla and begin trek to Cheplung4: Volunteer in Cheplung5: Continue trek to Namche6: Day in Namche (active rest visiting Khumde and the Sir Edmun Hillary school and Hospital, while on acclimatization)7-8: Hike to Thame, volunteer with school in Thame. Acclimatization.9: Continue to Lumde10: Acclimatization in lumde11: Trek to gokyo via Renjo Pass12-16: Approach to Tenzing base camp and checking possible routes and base camp emplacement + ascent of Gokyo Ri for acclimatization17: Down to Thore18: Prepare to climb Cholatse. Farewell dinner to clients, if present.VolunteerOrganizations Missions:TRIFC - Provide assistance and enrichment to rural communities, who are seldom contacted by the outside world. Work with established NGOs that have infrastructure in the area and will make the best use of our contributions for long-term change. TRIFC.org raises funds through donations, grants and hands-on fundraising activities. With the funds raised we provide financial support to existing non-profit organizations in Nepal that share our goals and vision.

Our focus is on providing support in the areas of education, medical needs, nutrition, facilities and environment improvements. We participate in project planning, coordination and implementation. In addition, we raise awareness of the living conditions of these children by documenting and publishing our project work. TRIFC.org believes in sharing resources with those less fortunate.TRIFC.org is a nonsectarian and nonpartisan organization that provides help solely because the need exists, with no expectation of any benefit coming in return. trifc.orgSnow Leopard Conservancy - Snow Leopard Conservany and its partners have led the way in radio-tracking, trail camera monitoring, and community-based eco-tourism and livestock insurance programs.We will work in cooperation with The Snow Leopard Conservancy to gather information and evidence of snow leopards in areas where the climbers travel. snowleopardconservancy.orgAdventurers Scientists for Conservation - We mobilise the outdoor community to gather and share scientific data, driving conservation around the world - ASC. During this expedition the team will collect high altitude snow and ice samples for Adventurers Scientists for Conservation for studies on rapid glacial recession.

Most glaciers are retreating at rates of 10 to 74 meters annually due to climate change.

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