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2 months cycling and kayaking in Southeast Asia

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

I nearly got killed or at least seriously injured by a falling plank of wood the other day and have decided life is too short. Not been on a big adventure in a few years, have travelled though Africa, the Middle East and South America before so thought this time Id head to Southeast Asia. I'm spending a couple of weeks in Burma trekking and climbing a mountain, I want to extend the trip by about 6 weeks and visit Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos as its an area I've never been to. Have been looking into it and have decided that I'd like to cycle as this seems to be the best way to explore the area and gives you freedom to go where you want and also a great way to travel through the countryside.Would also be interested in Kayaking sometimes as well (best way to see the coastline).

I finish in Burma on the 15th November 2015 and am looking for one or two people who might be interested in planning and exploring this area of the world with me. If your interested get in touch claireshouksmith@rocketmail.com