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The Way of Genghis Khan - supported by Oxford Bike Works

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The explorer Mark Beaumont commented on our expedition:The nomadic journey of Genghis Khan is legendary.

William is taking on a thoroughly modern adventure by bicycle, but in the footsteps of one of the most famous invasions in history. I wish him tailwinds and open doors as he crosses central Asia, always remembering when things get tough that the best memories are made in the journey and not the destination. This summer a friend and I are hoping to retrace the invasion route taken by Genghis Khan when invading the Khwarezmia Empire. In this expedition we hope to cycle across 10 countries, covering some 8000 Kilometres from Mongolia across Central Asia to Georgia.This trip will one of the first of its kind made by two 19 year old students. We aim to live the life of a nomad, by living the most simplistic lifestyle raising money for our chosen charity Marys Meals.

The trip will be exploratory; we hope to prove the notion a modern nomadic life by a modern generation, being only 19 years of age. After such a trip we are hoping to inspire other young people to complete their own challenges. Marys Meals is a charity with a simple idea, they give children a meal at school, thus prevent starvation while achieving the education of children.Please sponsor me:http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/team/thewayofGenghisKhanI have supported this charity on numerous occasions and this trip aims to help with their aim of feeding over one million children; I raised 3000 pounds for them when becoming the youngest person to cross Iceland and later 4000 pounds when cycling a pilgrimage from Canterbury to Jerusalem.See links:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XHO5-2-dK8https://williamwhite74.wordpress.com/Three years ago at the young age of 16 my friend, William Stevenson and I walked 800 km to Santiago de Compostella raising 1200 pounds for Mary meals. During this adventure I found my love of exploration. I have walked around the Isle of Wight at the age of 14 raising 1764 pounds for water aid. As well as completing the national three peak challenge in 17.34 hours, D of E and Ten Tors. Two years ago as training for the youngest crossing of Iceland I ran endurance lifes hardest marathon along the Exmoor coast.At the age of 17 I became the youngest person to walk across Iceland, this expedition was a huge success, and we walked 600km in 24 days to become the youngest people to ever cross Iceland by foot. During which we achieved sponsorship from Expedition foods, Lowe alpine, Terra Nova equipment and Robens.

As well as being awarded the Everest Award by Young Explorers Trust.See our blog: http://www.expeditionfoods.com/blog/youngest-crossing-of-iceland-2013-by-william-whiteWe had numerous interesting articles written on us one being by theTelegraph:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/10185496/Schoolboys-aim-to-set-new-record-with-crossing-of-Iceland.htmlThe Dream from me is experience adventure at ground level where you are at the mercy of the local hospitality. Cycling the route taken by Genghis I be travelling slowly at ground level in his footsteps and therefore living amongst the local cultures and people. I love the simplicity of walking and cycling, by cycling Genghis Khans longest invasion route I want to expand my experiences by living the most simple and nomadic life possible, sleeping rough and eating as cheaply as possible. This for me is the Living the Dream is a real adventure.I want to spread this message by inspiring others to conquer their own challenges and inspire other young people to adventure. Alastair Humphreys commented: This is an admirable journey with a great story, running through some of the most exciting and interesting regions on Earth.

I wish William all the very best of luck with his fund-raising challenge.At such a young age this expedition will be truly inspiring and challenging. It is the start of progressive, more imaginative and challenging expeditions to come. This expedition captivates the imagination and ethos of adventure. It is not organised by an organisation but by two teenagers who want adventure and fun in a wild and captivating countries.