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Iceland June 2015: Summer Solstice Adventure

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

Hi, I'm looking for fellow outdoor fans to come on a ten-day Icelandic adventure this summer!

Dates18 - 28 June to feature the Summer Solstice weekend. Rather than race around the ring road, the idea is to focus on two main areas (outside of a short/ weekend stay for Reykjavik and the iconic sights), leaving a full week for: Exploring the West Coast and North West region Visiting Akureyri and surrounds in the North Getting to some wild and remote spots Trekking for up to 6 - 8 hours per day on trek days Drinking and eating and fun when in towns Budget - This will be a mainly outdoors and wild camping trip, so costs will be kept to a minimum, with the odd AirBnB or hostel/ homestay/ BB night. Having said that: car hire is phenomenally expensive in Iceland but a cool company called campingiceland.is rents cars with roof boxes containing full camping gear, enabling hand luggage only on the plane which comes in at around 200pp (not including fuel) for 5 or 6 days based on four sharing. Or we could hitch and camp or use local buses. With a car, time spent waiting for lifts/buses would be minimised so we could make the most of our precious days in Iceland though the car isn't a definite, open for discussion.

Who am I? I'm late 30's, I work for a Bristol-based expedition company. I booked flights six months ago for Iceland this June and my travelling companion cant make it any more so I thought Id open it up, see if there was anyone else out there who wanted to join forces and go to explore this amazing country with me. No northern lights as its going to be light all the time, insomniacs dream!Would be great to find three other people (ideally near my age)to then hire the camping-car-with-all-the-kit together, to give us freedom to reach unusual places where we could then hike in and camp. Even better, if even more people are keen we could become a caravan, get more camping-cars,move in convoy! Get in touch and well talk to see if we have compatible ideas as to how this might pan out, leave a comment or send me a message and I look forward to talking to you.