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An overland expedition which aims to promulgate understanding and acceptance across cultures spanning the Eurasian Super-continent by documenting the Peoples, Cultures and Lands connecting the Westernmost point at Cabo da Roca with the Easternmost point at Cape Dezhnev. We will take Portraits at the communities that we travel through, document the Landscape that they inhabit and their Cultural Heritage.

I aim to include Stills photography, Film-making and Sound (both soundscapes and Oral Histories) as we travel overland across the Super-continent. Individuals will be asked to take a disposable camera to photograph aspects of their lives and culture - what is important to them about where and how they live, to add a further dimension to the document of the expedition. I aim to leverage the power of the image in order to transcend the language barrier, to overcome the natural fear and suspicion between people when there is no shared Language, no shared History and no shared Culture.If a picture speaks a thousand words then one which communicates across cultures, languages and boundaries does so in many tonguesI anticipate that the field work will take approximately 10 months with further work to be completed after this data gathering exercise in order to ensure the deliverables, which are to be agreed but should include an Exhibition of stills photographs for each dimension of the aims, a book in three parts. There should be a series of short video logs of the expedition as well as a blog. There should be at least a filmed documentary of the expedition and a standalone documentary of the Peoples, Culture and Lands to complement the Stills aspect of the aims. There should be similar product for the soundscapes and Oral Histories.

The stills, documentary film and the soundscapes and oral histories will form a multimedia installation as a finished exhibition which I hope will find permanent space across the supercontinent as well as touring.Whilst it is anticipated that we will work together to seek funding in the first instance we should be prepared to self fund the trip so that we can be certain to complete the aims - though I do believe that Funding streams can be found and I am keen to include Crowd Source funding not only for the fundraising aspect that it offers but also for the community building, thereby leveraging the 21st century virtual community in order to actively support the much more traditional communities that we will encounter!This is a lengthy expedition and might suit a students taking a gap year, an early retiree or someone taking a mid-career break. I anticipate that we will travel between July 2016 and April 2017

EDIT - 6th February 2015: It occurs to me that it might be a more manageable trip for people if the two spots are filled by more than one person for each, with participants taking short stints over the expedition. This has a number of advantages - firstly the time allocation is much easier for people to commit to; secondly, since this is a project about community, this approach also builds our community. If this is of interest then do drop me a line.I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested.