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Best options for solo trekking in South Africa?

CommunityJames Hipkiss


I'm going to South Africa from the UK in a few weeks and am trying to work out the best location for solo trekking where it is either permissible (or at least where I can get away with it) and with sleeping huts so I don't need to carry a tent. I'm looking for a challenging hike but one which is feasible solo, ideally with some form of trail marking but that's not a must. I don't want to use a guide or join a group if it can be avoided. Ill be travelling from JoBurg, where Ill be for work in the previous week. I've trekked solo in tons of places like Nepal, New Zealand, Peruvian Andes, Mont Blanc so I'm comfortable alone, but I'm not super hard core and I'm female so somewhere which is relatively safe in that respect is a must. I've trekked (with a guide) in the Drakensburg which was perfect but red tape says solo trekking isn't allowed. Has anyone done so anyway and is there anything stopping me other than lack of hut reservation? Trail possibilities I've looked at are Giants Cup (ideal but cant book as solo trekker - can I work around this?) Tsistikamma (I'm not keen on apparently lots of river crossings)and Amatola. Has anyone done any of these trails? Any guidance appreciated.