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Running Britain.

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

Inspired by the book Born to Run, I am planning to run the length of Britain this summer.

Please contact me if you are interested in getting involved. This can be joining me for bits, coming to support, or cycling alongside while I suffer. If you live or know anyone who lives along this route please contact me. This one is going to be a cracker. Have a great Christmas. Please share and get the word out.The concept of this adventure is really simple, it aims to run the length of Britain from Lands end to John O' groats, avoiding as many roads and urban areas as possible.I will explore the island I live on, having never really explored it by human travel. Having seen lands far away this expedition has a calming simplicity to it, getting from A to B.Hopefully people will be inspired enough to join me on this venture. This can be in the form of motorized transport, walking, running or cycling.In light of the book, born to run, I will be aiming to integrate barefoot running into my trip as well as a diet largely based on the Tarahumara tribe.from 18th Jun to 20th Aug 2016.

Please get involved and ask any questions - williamwhite74@hotmail.co.uk