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Kayak action film in Uganda (Update to previous posting)

Join a TeamJames Hipkiss

Being big fans of kayaking my friend and I decided to shoot an action film during our next kayaking trip. In May 2016 we plan to go to Uganda and shoot this video in the Ugandan portion of the Nile river.

The problem is that the cost of this is quite high. So we decided to invite other like minded, adventurous people who would like to star in an action video to join us and share the cost in equal parts with other team members.I posted about this already a few months back and in the meantime a couple of people have confirmed they will join. The things is that we still need 4 more people to make it happen at a decent cost per person, so I am posting again with an update hoping more people will come on board:About the filming:From the technical point of view the project is looking great and we already have secured a professional camera operator as well as an editing team.

The camera operator is also a photographer so we will also have killing photos of the experience. The editing team has a long experience and is giving us highly preferential rates. So this part is arranged already.About the kayaking:The actual kayaking would last 6 days. Those who are not too experienced will receive training with experienced guides for the first 3 days and those with more experience will go to faster waters from the beginning (with guides too). The last 3 days will see all of us in the rapids together having a great time. Each day we will return to camp for food and sleeping although some nights we might sleep in tents by the river. About the project:The project has been baptised The Spirit of Exploration and the final rendering will be 5-6 minutes of pure action combined with an introspective look into why we explorers go through all the hardship and complications of such crazy endeavours.

Each team member will appear equal amounts of time and names will be listed in the credit alphabetically for fairness.The final rendering can be posted by team members on fb, youtube, or can be used in any other non commercial way.About the costs:Now, before you join us you will want to hear some numbers:-Cost of kayaking including food, guides, accommodation, and equipment for 6 days: GBP 600 (paid directly to the kayak outfitting company)-Cost of filming and editing: GBP 480 per person (assuming we find 4 more team members, paid directly to the film editing company)So, as you can see, for as little as GBP 1000 you will join a team of adventurous people just like you, have a killing time and end up with an ubercool action video where YOU are the main star. The question is, can you afford to be left out?Those who are interested please contact me by email to: ahernandez50@hotmail.com